Our philosophy at the March Hare is that Team or Staff Development should contain a strong element of FUN and ENJOYMENT. For that reason our exercises do not require undue physical strength, nor MENSA capabilities. We do not believe that teams or individuals necessarily require testing to the limit of their physical endurance to bring about co-operation with colleagues, or to improve morale and communication skills. Frankly, we consider that, in the majority of cases, the survival of the fittest / outward bound / desert island style courses pose a very real risk to the health of the average company employee in a sedentary job.

Our challenges are therefore skill based and can be tackled by any reasonably fit person. They are suitable for groups of varying ages and physical abilities and for both sexes. They are all fully supervised by experienced and friendly staff.

We have a wide range of on site sporting activities which, as well as being used extensively for corporate entertainment, can be readily adapted for use as team development exercises. Additionally, we have a range of purpose built tests and tasks used specifically to promote :

  • Team Co-operation
  • Motivation
  • Communication skills
  • Morale
  • Improved confidence
  • Efficient use of available resources
  • Strategic planning

All lead to improved management, and hence, company performance. This is particularly important during company re- organisation, company mergers and acquisitions, expansion, management buyouts, or any occurrence which causes disturbance to lines of communication, disrupts established management tiers, or brings in new staff. It is also a useful tool for including in ongoing training programmes as well as a successful "ice breaker" for groups embarking upon initial training or re-training courses.

In today's ultra competitive market, no company striving for the "unfair advantage" should ignore the benefits brought about by training in general, and staff development in particular.

To help ensure that participants learn as much as possible from the exercises, we have the services of professional facilitators and communication experts available. Sessions can be incorporated during the day at appropriate times.

Exercises can be arranged for large or small groups and, to make the most benefit out of them, we recommend that sessions last for a minimum of half a day upwards. If required, we can, however, arrange a standalone two hour Team Challenge event or similar.

Our games and exercises include:

The Team Assault Course, The March Hare Team Challenge, Blindfold & Team Driving Exercises, Indoor Games, Treasure Hunts, Orienteering, Climbing wall, Karting Team Endurance race, and All of the Shooting Activities.

See The March Hare Team Challenge page or phone 01905 381219 or email for more details.

The Team Game - Stepping Stones The Team Game - Twister Tyres Obstacle on Assault Course Dissembling Field Gun