Consists of a number of purpose built intellectual and physical obstacles set within the grounds of the March Hare Leisure Centre and are specifically designed to test the skills that should be used every day at work, but which, quite often are ignored or taken for granted.

The obstacles pay particular attention to :

  • Co-operation within the team
  • Utilisation of available resources
  • Individual leadership qualities
  • Verbal communication skills

The obstacles have no real life value in themselves, but are an excellent way of emphasising the positive effect a motivated and co-operative team can have on a given task, or more to the point, how one person can unwittingly sabotage the entire group's efforts.

The participants find themselves in a situation where disagreement and individual obstinacy, which in the real world can cause tension and friction with clients, suppliers or departments, gives way to co-operation, listening and a feeling of group achievement.

The challenge is tailor made to suit the particular group’s size and make up. Everyone will benefit from these challenging but fun filled and exercises that really get the message home!

There are no special requirements. Participants do not need to belong to Mensa nor be particularly athletic. You will be working as a team, you will need outdoor clothing, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

Just some of the available exercises are:
The Silent Log, The Web, Team Assault, Blind Obstacle Course, A-B Initiative test, Ski Slalom, The Friendly Circle, A Bridge Too Short, Scramble, Tripwire, Blindfold Sheep Herding, Marble Run, Twister, Stepping Stones, Minefield, School Dinner.

We can also offer the services of our professional facilitators and communication experts.

The Team Co-operation Challenge can be used as a standalone exercise, or with elements of The March Hare's extensive range of activities, and works particularly well with a Team Endurance Race on our Kart Circuit.

Assault Course Wall Obstacle Team Game - Marble Run Team Game - Spider Web