This is a unique shooting competition by the March Hare bringing together elements of several different shooting disciplines to form one challenging competition.

Checking the targets

Practical Shotgun shooting would normally be undertaken with Pump Action or Semi Automatic 12g or 20g guns with 5 to 10 shot magazines. In the UK however, because they have more than 3 shot capabilities, these weapons would be classed as firearms rather than shotguns and can only be used by firearms license holders. These therefore cannot be used until suitable training has been given and a Section one firearms certificate has been given.

However, we can use a 3 shot capacity .410 Mossberg pump action shotgun which only requires a shotgun certificate.

This is far easier to use and supervise, bearing in mind that most of our clients are less experienced or novice shooters. The basic challenge, however, is still the same. Predominantly, you will be shooting at reactive steel targets at distances up to 25m. You will be accompanied by a Range Officer / instructor, who times the run and supervises the shooting.

The number of targets you hit is divided by the time taken to complete the course to give an overall score.

The courses of fire may involve barricades, obstacles and vision screens to challenge the shooter and make targets more difficult to hit by making the shooter adopt unnatural shooting stances and positions.

As with all activities at the March Hare, participants will receive a full safety briefing and will be constantly supervised to ensure the safety of the shooter and spectators.

Combined with this challenge will be an IPAS speed shoot using Walther CP88 CO2 pistols. You will shoot at a series of 5 metal plates as quickly and as accurately as possible, the winner being the person to hit all the targets in the fastest time. This is a serious test of speed and accurate shooting. Pistol shooting has proved to be one of the most difficult disciplines to master and restricting the time allowed to shoot makes the test even more difficult!!

Finally you will compete on our walk up combat range where you will have to shoot 16 hostile target plates whilst trying to miss the white hostage plates which will incur penalties for you if hit. The finale to this course is to kick down the door to the log cabin and shoot the remaining four targets.

This challenge will test your agility, accuracy, judgment, coordination and speed with two different weapons and three styles of shooting .

The overall winner can be justly proud of their achievement in mastering different guns and targets. It is without doubt an outstanding test of shooting ability.

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