The March Hare is one of only a handful of grounds in the Midlands where you have the opportunity to shoot with a .22 calibre rimfire Section 1 firearm.

As with all of our activities, only one thing is more important than your enjoyment, and that is your safety, and to ensure this, you will shoot on our target ranges under close supervision and with expert tuition from our friendly, professional instructors. We use a variety of guns including bolt action CZ rifles, and Smith & Wesson semi automatic weapons all with telescopic, laser or open sights. These are used on our indoor range and on the all-weather outdoor 25m & 50m ranges with biathlon and paper targets.

We also have a practical rifle range with multiple, challenging, reactive targets. This is also shot from our new covered stands so can be used throughout the year in all weather conditions.

Tactical Rifle Display Aiming Rifle and Spotter
Rifle, Ammunition and Target