The March Hare has a 6m indoor range plus two 8m outdoor ranges and an IPAS (Iron Plate Action Shoot) range. We have a variety of targets to shoot at from standard paper roundels to silhouette and pop ups.

Iron plate action shooting or I.P.A.S, is the latest and ultimate action shooting discipline, designed specifically for the multi shot CO2 pistols.

The discipline relies on the combination of speed and accuracy. Success depends on both these key principles. It is not enough to be super accurate without speed, and speed alone is nothing without accuracy, after all it's not the first shot that counts, it's the first shot that hits that counts!

We generally use Walther CP 88, eight shot pistols which are ideal for all of our shooting styles.


As well as our usual combat style pistol shoot, where the targets are drop down silhouettes at various ranges, are partly hidden, and you have 5 seconds to shoot before the target is covered again, we now have a new and exciting pistol shooting challenge based on P.P.P.S. (Practical Pellet Pistol Shooting)

After a safety briefing and practice session you will shoot at 8 or more metal plate targets set up in pairs. Each pair will be shot from a different position. To increase the difficulty there will be other hostage targets on the range, which, if shot accidentally will give you a minus score. To get to the final targets you will need to first kick down a door and then quickly identify and shoot the last plates.

The guns we use are CO2 powered multi shot Walther CP88. Brings out the Dirty Harry in everyone!

Sounds good but want more? Our combat pistol shooting disciplines have been coupled with our newest event Practical Shotgun to form our fantastic Practical Shooting Challenge. Click for details.

Pistol Competition Covered Outdoor Pistol Range
Combat Shooting Range